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Option Insight© combines enormous power with amazing simplicity. For beginners and experts alike, it is extremely easy to use. In fact, if you have wondered about options but been afraid to do something dangerous, this is your chance to learn how safe and profitable option spreads can be. When you put on a debit option spread, you absolutely limit your risk to the amount you pay for the spread. You also limit your profits, but those profits are typically doubling your money. Or more. Sometimes much more.

If you're an experienced options trader, you'll recognize the power of Option Insight in the first few minutes of use.

Type in the ticker symbol and click GetYou simply type in the ticker symbol of the stock or stock index you are interested in, click the Get button, and Option Insight© downloads the option chain data from the Internet. Once the option chain is downloaded, Option Insight© does the hard work for you.

Simply click on a tab to take a look at all the possible combinations of option spreads. Below, you see a small sampling of the potential Bull Call (Debit) Spreads on DELL, sorted by the ratio of Reward to Risk.
Evaluate thousands of option spreads If you click on a column heading, the grid will be sorted by that column, just as I did to sort by Reward/Risk. Also, any row you click on automatically paints the Risk Graph You can see the Risk Graph of each spread window, showing you the profit/loss for your trade at expiration. The vertical black line is the current price of the underlying. The green horizontal line is your breakeven for the trade. This allows you to quickly scan all the opportunities in the current option chain and easily spot the winners.

As if this were not enough, please keep in mind that Option Insight© is continuously under development. There are plenty of exciting enhancements in the works!