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User Testimonials

Here are some of the nice things people are saying about Option Insight©.
The Greatest Option Program. Ever.

These comments are completely unedited and unsolicited. They're just copied and pasted from the emails we've received.
  • Your program is the BEST !!!!!!!!!!! I love it.
  • My friend reccommended your program highly.
  • Have found your program to be a great tool for teaching others options. I use it regularly to explain trading to people.
  • Initial reaction to Option Insight program : handy, great
    Initial reaction to Multibrowse : handy, great
  • Your program takes the guess work out of trading options. Keep up all of your efforts.
  • Very Nice program !! ... like the prog very much--thanx
  • Thanks for devoting the attention...it's a rarity that's greatly appreciated.
  • I really like the graph.
  • ...it is a real good program...
  • ...fine program...
  • I know next to nothing about options but I think your software is very good...
  • Fascinating program.
  • I use Option Insight regulary, it's very user friendly and useful.
  • I'm looking forward to giving your program a try. And I appreciate your making it available to everyone free of charge. That's really great!
  • Great app
  • First of all, this is a fantastic tool and I look forward to using it regularly!
  • I really look forward to using your program
  • ...a useful program
  • ...quite a valuable tool when trying to make realtime decisions when trading options.
  • You guys look VERY cool! I'd LOVE to know more of who you are and what you're up to...
  • ...pleased with it. Can't wait for it to do options on futures.
  • Hi, just started using your program. Looks really good. Especially like the risk graph. Hope you can keep it free.
  • Now, if I could just understand all the great info here and how to apply it I would be a millionaire!!
  • Anyway, software runs and produces great results.
  • From reading the features provided by this Option Insight, it seems to be a great program.
  • I really like the options program! Thanks a lot!
  • Anything I can do to help (aside from posting praises and quotes, which I already plan to do), just let me know.
  • Thanks keep up the great work.
  • I'm using the program a couple of times a day and getting acquainted with it-good so far.
  • The option chain spread tables are nicely done...
  • I'm very interested in continuing to be able to use the product - excellent idea and v useful!
  • I like your software great idea
  • i will help you to distribute your software, because i think it will be great.
  • Hi, nice program!
  • keep on trucking. Sounds like you have an interesting idea, both from an options program perspective and a business model.
  • Good program.
  • Nice Program !
  • I'm impressed! (...and I'm not easily impressed.)
  • A useful program
  • Program looks good... Good job!
  • I'm playing with your program right now and it seems to be very good... Oh and could you please e-mail me your websight address? I'd like to send a few more people your way.
  • Pretty good setup.
  • Otherwise everything seems great - it's running in another window as I type this and downloaded quotes with no probs... Well, sorry to ramble on - it seems like a great program and your pricing structure is certainly reasonable!
  • As a competitor [ ;-) ], I am curious about your program. It looks like it is quite good...
  • Hey gray matter - very interesting program! I need to play with it some more before I can make full use of it, but this helps greatly to visualize (and find) trades. had a zillion access errors until I finally got past your legal disclaimer - after that smooth sailing!
  • I d-loaded your program last night & was quite impressed. It apprears after the initial bugs are fixed it will be very successfull & I wish you luck with your endeavor.
  • I'm very excited about using your program...
  • Interesting product.
  • look forward to checking out option alchemy.
  • i downloaded option insight and ran it on my iMac (via SoftWindows). it works great... i'm sure many other people will find it a great asset. best of luck to you!
  • Your software looks nifty, I'll give it a spin.
  • Looks good so far, what about covered calls?
  • I subscribe to several oex-sp advisery services...I will be promoting your site inside the real time trading chat rooms. I will be mentioning your website in our next newsletter.
  • looks good....great for trading oex, which i do...